Consultancy in the management and automation of technological processes in the industry, automation and computerization of engineering and production processes, preparation of project documentation, production of electrical controls and control systems, production of applications software, energy monitoring and restricting power peaks, manufacturing informatics.


Production information systems provides user with information on a material or a particular product’s traceability through the entire production process, including the control of used technology and technological processes. They are an upgraded version of SCADA and control systems, and the link between production and business information system, enabling users to reduce production costs, improve product quality, increase equipment utilization, reduce energy consumption, and overall control over production.  


Production informatics enables:
  • capturing and processing of procedural information from machines

  • creation of technological processes and transferring them to machines

  • comprehensive information on the traceability of raw materials, materials, or products through all stages of technological processes in production

  • control over the technology and an overview of possible deviations of the actual technology from the selected one

  • monitoring and analysis of production process efficiency

  • overview of the use of individual or all energy products in a particular process or product

  • managing machines’ productivity, congestion, and efficiency

  • managing causes for standstill and maintenance efficiency

  • informing and alerting on critical or key events

  • iIntegration with other information systems

  • paperless operations and an easily accessible archive

  • computerization of technological and production processes in the industry

  • distribution of control and regulating equipment

  • maintenance and servicing of industrial electrical equipment

  • optimization of machines and lines in the industry

  • renovation and modernization of obsolete electrical controls in the industry

  • implementation of electrical installation works in the industry

  • implementation of electrical measurements in the industry