ATES is an innovative technological company with high standards in quality, longstanding tradition, and extensive experience in industrial automation and production informatics. With innovative solutions, state-of-the-art technical equipment, and superb maintenance services we are enabling our business partners to reduce their production costs and improve their competitive edge. Our focus is predominantly on services in metallurgy and the metal processing industry. We provide our customers with a wide range of services, from consultancy, and preparing technical conceptual documentation to producing turnkey project applications; regardless of whether it is merely to renovate a small machine’s obsolete control

mechanism or implement a newer, more complex computerized control mechanism for the most demanding production installations or complete lines. For the proposed solutions we ensure the best ratio between investment and quality, maximum energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness – those are our standards, which we always abide by. Attention and taking care of our customers does not end with the finished project, it extends to our high-quality maintenance service, partner relationship, and care for spare parts, as well as with upgrades and improvements of both hardware and software components.


The company’s beginnings date back to 1989, when we founded ATES in collaboration with our coworkers from the automation section, who were responsible for maintenance at the company Impol. ATES was established as a partner company of Impol, to provide them with engineering services in automation and industrial processes computerization, technical and application support for the embedded systems, and equipment maintenance.

So our core senior coworkers have extensive experience and references since 1982. The year 1994 marked a turning point for us, as new coworkers were hired and we began offering our services outside the Impol’s business system. Even though our current activities significantly exceed the initial objectives, the Impol business group remains our largest and most important trading partner. In 2004, we moved into a new office and today we employ 15 coworkers. The scope of the company’s business is growing and today ATES is one of the leading Slovenian companies in automation and control of production processes in the aluminum and metal processing industry.

  • high quality and reliability of our services

  • high moral and professional principles

  • partner-like and honest attitude to our customers

  • quick response for maintenance and repair services

  • passion for innovation and continuous development

  • striving for the company’s growth and reliability

  • enabling employees’ continuous learning and creativity

  • incentives for well-being and good working conditions for all employees

  • loyalty to the company, employees, its owners, and the environment


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